Thursday, April 3, 2014

Preview of Fittsburgh's Review of Dietary Weight Loss Supplements: Taking Control & Supporting Each Other.

I am so excited to announce Fittsburgh's upcoming post

Dietary Weight Loss Supplements: 
What Works, & What's a Waste of Time & Money... & Possibly Your Health.

In preparation for this post I want to give people an idea 
of what they can do to begin to take control of their own lives; 
& also just how important it is to be supportive of the people about whom you care.

This is a very exciting post for me because things like this are the reason I do what I do now. I love helping people better understand the science behind their bodies so that they can take control of their personal health journey. When people gain knowledge, they develop that control; and, in turn, gain power over the decisions that affect their health.

Like I always say, you only have this one body -- this one life. Don't waste another minute feeling helpless. I know I have wasted many moments in my life, but everyday is a chance to start over. Your body -- your life -- is a work in progress. Just because you live your life a certain way one day does not mean that you do not have the right to change your mind the next.

And speaking of taking control, take a look at the people with whom you are surrounding yourself. Please, please, PLEASE... support each other! When you see a friend post on Facebook that they are at the gym, 'like' that post! If you see a friend trying to reach a goal, help them reach as high as they can! I am saying this especially to the women out there. I see, even in families, where the other women involved are almost rooting for the others to fail; & that makes me shake my head in disbelief because something was lost in those relationships along the way.

If you look within yourself & see this sort of behavior, take a minute to recognize that you feel this way. Has someone achieved or created something & you simply glazed over it? What made you decide not to support them? At the American Council on Exercise, trainers are taught to encourage any positive behavior they see. Praising friends on social media & being a shoulder to lean on in real life are great ways to do this.

I have made a considerable effort in my own life to squash any negativity creeping into my own head before it even has a voice. I decided to support any healthy or positive behavior that I see -- not because I have all of this "free time" to be concerned with what other people are out there trying to achieve, but because if they are truly my friends or people about which I actually care, it is important that I make the time. Finally, if you truly love or care about someone, never tear them down; but build them up!

Say hi to other women at the gym! Ask your family for support! Meet healthy friends who can aid you in your own journey! Finally, you do not have to ban people from your life; but sort of take an inventory of who is your mental & emotional support out there. They do not have to be family or even people you would usually think of aligning with yourself. I hope this makes someone out there rethink how they want to be treated & how to treat other people, in turn.

I am really looking forward to this post, but it has a lot of research in it & I want it presented in an appropriate manner. In the meantime, take care of each other!!!

Stay FNT! ~ Natalie

*****SIDE NOTE*****
While I was typing this, I received a text from a friend. It simply stated:

"GO YOU on getting back into training at the gym! I'm so proud of you, lady! It's great to have friends like you in my life to help motivate me to better myself. You're taking on so much right now & I'm just in awe at how far you've come! And so grateful to call you a friend."

You know who you are! And I'm so grateful you're in my life, too!

See how something so small can help boost someone & show them how much you care?
I can guarantee this will make me smile all night.