Natalie Wingrove Scott, B.A., CPT, CFLC

The U.S. Registration of Exercise Professionals

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Club Coordinator/ACE-Certified Professional/Nutritionist
August 2007 to Present - Fitness 19, LLC - Pittsburgh, PA
Provided excellent customer service
Conducted assessments & followed strict ACE legal guidelines in order to best assist clients
Created individualized programs for every client
Management of operations including banking, payroll & QuickBooks
Assisted employees in the “Kids Club” & daily front desk operations
Specialized in women’s health, weight loss, and special populations including pre/post-natal & osteoporosis
UPDATE: My position here has been put on hold because of health issues. However,  & I think this sounds funny to say, I still have a job at Fitness 19, I'm just not working at this time. I could return in a couple weeks, maybe not for a few months. I will let you know when I am healthy enough to return. Thanks!

Fitness Model & ACE-Certified Personal Trainer
May 2009 to Present - Lifestyle Innovations - Website with Corporate Offices in Pittsburgh, PA
I am the female ACE-Certified Trainer that demonstrates proper exercise technique & form to go along with the client's customized plan. They took down the sample video, so you have to be a member to see me in action; but there are stills of me from the videos here & here.
Lifestyle Innovations is a simple online program which focuses on patients’ health goals. The program gives patients the opportunity to make positive changes in their life through a food, exercise, and nutrition plan. Meeting patients demand for a better healthcare solution, Lifestyle Innovations therapeutic lifestyle change program meets those requirements.
Created by DoctorsDieticiansPersonal TrainersNutritionists and Patients, the program is designed to improve patient-to-physician communication. The links are workable above, but just to spell it out, the website is

Fitness Model, Boot Camp Participant, & Ace-Certified Professional
March 2010 to June 2010 Bad Boy Fitness/B.U.I.L.T.  - Wexford, PA
You can catch me in the video featured at the following links. This is how I got in the best shape of my life only a few months after giving birth to my son & right before my ten-year high school reunion at The Mercersburg Academy.
More Information about Bad Boy Fitness/B.U.I.L.T.: 
"Owner Brian Fabian runs a four-week fitness program that offers work out instruction, dietary information, & tons of motivation. The workouts vary daily, making your boot camp experience fun and inspiring. Our Certified trainers will lead you through challenging yet exciting workouts at your own pace. Beginners will not work harder than they are safely able, & more advanced students will still be challenged. Each day will be more challenging than the previous, ensuring results. Activities such as core strengthening, short runs (less than & up to one mile), strength training, jump rope, circuit training, hiking, sport yoga, kick boxing, Pilates, sport drills, obstacle courses, & more will keep you motivated & challenged Monday through Friday mornings."
(To learn more about Brian & his Bad Boy Fitness/B.U.I.L.T. philosophy & services, go to his Bad Boy Fitness Philosophy Page. There are links to other pages from there, but I think this page is the best representation of his work.



The Pennsylvania State University - January 2004 to August 2005 - B.A.: Major: Communications, Advertising & PR; Minor: Vocal Performance


Certified Fitness Trainer (Also called Certified Personal Trainer, CFT, or CPT) - The American Council on Exercise - Certified since September, 2007

  • Developing and implementing exercise programs that are safe, effective, and appropriate for individuals who are apparently healthy or have medical clearance to exercise
  • Conducting health-history interviews and stratifying risk for cardiovascular disease with clients in order to determine the need for referral and identify contraindications for exercise
  • Administering appropriate fitness assessments based on the client’s health history, current fitness, lifestyle factors, and goals utilizing research-proven and published protocols
  • Assisting clients in setting and achieving realistic fitness goals
  • Teaching correct exercise methods and progressions through demonstration, explanation, and proper cueing and spotting techniques
  • Empowering individuals to begin and adhere to their exercise programs using guidance, support, motivation, lapse-prevention strategies, and effective feedback
  • Designing structured exercise programs for one-on-one and small-group personal training
  • Educating clients about fitness- and health-related topics to help them in adopting healthful behaviors that facilitate exercise program success
  • Protecting client confidentiality according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and related regional and national laws
  • Always acting with professionalism, respect, and integrity
  • Recognizing what is within the scope of practice and always referring clients to other healthcare professionals when appropriate
  • Being prepared for emergency situations and responding appropriately when they occur
Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach (Also called Fitness Life Coach, Wellness Coach) - The American Council on Exercise - Certified since 2011
Scope of Practice:
  • Identify lifestyle & health barriers & design plans to help clients overcome them 
  • Assess clients' fitness & related behaviors, readiness to change, & unique training & nutrition needs
  • Recognize what motivates clients so I can identify how to effectively communicate advice & determine the best way to help them safely achieve their goals
  • Build essential relationship between physical activity & nutrition
  • Illustrate how permanent weight loss is most effectively brought about through a change in lifestyle
  • In general, apply my knowledge of:
    • Psychological aspects of weight management
    • Biomechanical & physiological impact of obesity
    • Techniques for lifestyle coaching to facilitate behavior change
    • Relationship between exercise & nutrition in weight control
    • Exercise programming & weight-management strategies & progressions
ACE Integrated Fitness Model for Exercise & Nutrition Program Design Coach - The American Council on Exercise - Certified since 2011
Scope of practice:
  • Demonstrate a simple, systematic approach to exercise programming that is relevant, appropriate, effective & adaptable for ANY client’s unique characteristics.
  • Provide customized fitness programs & progressions for ALL individuals for cardiorespiratory, functional, resistance, balance, flexibility & core training.
  • As a CFT/CPT, I can determine each client’s readiness to change, & then implement effective strategies to promote trust, healthy behaviors & program adherence.
  • As a CFT/CPT, I can consistently provide positive & memorable experiences that drives participation & retention.
  • Whether a client is just beginning to exercise after years of sedentary living, or is an elite-level athlete trying to fine tune their performance, I can provide an innovative, systematic & comprehensive approach to achieve lasting results. 
  • Integrate assessments & programs to facilitate rapport, adherence, self-efficacy & behavior change, the model provides the blueprint for CFT/CPTs to design exercise programs that improve posture, movement, flexibility, balance, core function, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular endurance & strength for all clients.
  • Discuss the components & variables of a well-designed exercise program to address both the needs & wants of a client.
  • Describe a model for exercise program design where the underlying principle is to first help clients by implementing strategies to change their behavior in order to make exercise a part of their lives.
  • Understand how to design an exercise program to help a client progress from foundational stabilization & mobilization exercises all the way to advanced drills to enhance athletic performance.
Certified Nuritionist: As defined by Pennsylvania laws (my state of residence). This is not the same as a CCN. I want to be an Registered Dietician, so it doesn't make sense to become a CCN. Plus, the laws in some states are changing for Nutritionists & making RDs the standard. This is unfortunate, but true. This will make it impossible for people who have careers in holistic nutrition & the like to continue their practices. Even though I personally want to be an RD, I do think that people should be able to have a choice in resources when it comes to their health.

Certified Food Safety Manager: National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

Certified in First Aid, CPR, & AED: The American Safety & Health Institute. 
Previously through The American Red Cross, The National Safety Council, & The American Heart Association. I prefer the ASHI because I found a wonderful trainer whom I LOVE. (If any of my colleagues - or anyone needing CPR/AED/First Aid - are interested, his website is here.)


Nutrition for Health & Performance Coach - The American Council on Exercise
Scope of Practice:
  • Guidance of clients in understanding carbohydrates, fat & protein, & how each of these nutrients is essential for a balanced, healthy diet
  • Guidance in the importance of portion control & advising my clients on the basics of nutrition & portion control
  • Assist my clients by implementing a food diary & helping them understand how to use the information in the diary to enhance their fitness training
  • Assist & explain the physiology of appetite to my clients & why it is that so many people struggle with weight control
Sports Nutrition Specialist - The American Council on Exercise
Scope of Practice:
  • Certificate covers the foundations of a healthy diet & how it relates to all fitness regimes. 
  • Allows me to educate clients on dietary planning techniques, erogoenic aid usage, fat burning options, body fat testing techniques & sports performance. Leave with answers to your questions and 
  • practical guides on leading your clients to a healthier lifestyle. 
  • To be eligible, must carry certifications of CFT/CPT, GFI, or other associated health practitioner approved prior to course acceptance.
Pre-/Post-Natal Nutrition & Fitness Specialist - The American Council on Exercise
Weight Loss & Management Specialist - The American Council on Exercise
Group Exercise Specialist - The American Council on Exercise
Pilates Mat Training & Yoga Level I - The American Council on Exercise
Stability Ball Instructor - The American Council on Exercise
Boot Camp Instructor - The American Council on Exercise


Health & Wellness (3 credits): Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Psychology of Wellness (3 credits): The Pennsylvania State University
Biology of Aging (3 credits): The Pennsylvania State University 
Anatomy & Physiology, Nursing Program Class with Lab (4 credits): Community College of Allegheny County
Human Growth & Development, Nursing Program Class (3 credits): Community College of Allegheny County
Microbiology, Nursing Program Class with Lab (4 credits): Community College of Allegheny County
Chemistry, Nursing Program Class with Lab (4 credits): Community College of Allegheny County


Master of Science: Finishing some science pre-requisites for entrance to a M.S. in Dietetics program.

Weapons of Fat Mass Destruction- The Use of Diet, Exercise, & Science to Battle the Bulge - January 20, 2013Preseason Tips for Speed Training with Anthony J. Wall, M.S. - February 20, 2013
Understanding Myofascial Anatomy - March 20, 2013
The Coach’s Toolkit: Motivational Interviewing - April 24, 2013
Smart Training for 5K and 10K Races - May 22, 2013
Advanced Program Design with Pete McCall - June 19, 2013

ACE's Guide for Fitness Professionals Specializing in Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness by Lenita Anthony 
FrameWork by Nicholas A. DiNubile, MD - From the "Active for Life Series" - FrameWork for the Lower Back: A 6-Step Plan for a Healthy Lower Back


These don't have a lot to do with my profession now; but not only are they a lot of years of college-level studies, it is also noteworthy that all my training in singing & on the stage has really helped aid in my communication skills, teaching/demonstrating, & ability to present in front of large groups. Finally, I am proud of the time I spent at each place & studied under some world-reknowned professionals & no one can ever take that knowledge away from me.

Carnegie Mellon University - August 2000-June 2002: College of Fine Arts Alumna. 60+ credits earned toward Bachelor's of Fine Art's (BFA) Degree in Voice. A life-altering situation forced me to put this degree on hold. Since over half is completed, I would maybe consider returning someday to complete the program; but it seems like my life has taken a different direction now. I still sing professionally as an independent contractor for weddings/funerals/baptisms/church appearances/etc., am an active member & Soprano for The Pittsburgh Concert Chorale, 
Berklee College of Music - September 2001-December 2001: College of Music Alumna. Semester exchange from CMU, 20 credits of Vocal Performance & Music Law
Robert Morris University - MBA Transfer Program, 2005-2006: Before landing a job in management, I took the 1st three levels of General MBA courses at University of Phoenix, Pittsburgh Location to save money before transferring to Robert Morris. After I received the position, I deferred my acceptance (which was a wise decision because I fell in love with fitness & nutrition - a much more family-friendly career!)