The Famous FNT Detox

Where to Begin?:

DETOX 101: Getting Started
This post will help you learn how to find all of your personalized information needed to know in order to know & set healthy, reasonable goals for yourself. It includes equations & information including:

  • Equation to Convert Your Height & Weight to the Metric System
  • Equation for Determining your Body Mass Index
  • Equation for Setting Your Weight Loss Goal
  • Determining Your Calorie Expenditure Through a Fitness Plan
  • Equation for Meeting Your Basal Metabolic Needs
  • Equation for Assumption of a Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Equation for Your Total Daily Caloric Needs
  • Equation to Find The Rate of Weight Loss
  • Tips to Follow Throughout a Detox

Meal Plan Examples I Personalized for My Goals 
Set by Using the Information in 

Detox Meal Plan - Day One
Detox Meal Plan - Day Two
Detox Meal Plan - Day Three
Detox Meal Plan - Day Four
Detox Meal Plan - Day Five
Detox Meal Plan - Day Six


The Secret to Weight Loss
What's Healthy for You?: Information on Body Composition

The U.S. Registration of Exercise Professionals

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