Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Secret to Weight Loss

Since the start of this whole detox, everyone wants to know what to do: what pill to take, what diet to eat, what fad could possibly have such results? They are always disappointed to learn that there are no pills and that exercise is a huge part of it. There is just no way around it. Eating right is easy for me because "good-for-you" food tastes good to me. The exercise is not easy, but the way you start to feel and look is like a drug. You just have to do it, people.

And you can not do one without the other. If you think you can eat like crap and exercise double, you are dead wrong. The same goes for proper diet without exercise. The bottom line is that people who are fit are the minority, and they are this way because it is not easy to achieve fitness. When you work so hard for something it feels so good to achieve it.

Remember that your body is always a work in progress. It constantly changes as we age, bear children, etc. and you can have active control over your body and what happens to it! Just because you are overweight right now does not mean that in a few months you can't be fit! You CAN! You can make your body into whatever your brain decides!

I just wanted to throw that out there and remind everyone to have fun and be positive! It is so easy to make an excuse, it is way harder to get off your ass and get outside of your comfort zone; but guess which of these gets you in your skinny jeans and boosts your self-esteem?

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