Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Five Daily Habits of Happy Women

I just read a great article that made me feel inspired and happy. It discussed how research shows that small, everyday habits make a huge difference in the ability to create a positive mindset. By adding a few easy choices into your daily routine, you can really change your attitude. I liked this so much I am going to make a conscious effort on my own part to do these as well.

9 AM - Start your day with green tea. People who drink four or more cups of green tea a day are 44% less likely to be depressed than those who sip it less often. There is an amino acid in it called "theanine" that may spur the release of seratonin, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good.

12:30 PM - Detox your lunch. When you pack your lunch, pack it full of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables in addition to fish and whole grains. Women who eat these things have lower odds of depression.

4 PM - Take a power walk. Exercise endorphins are proven to lift your mood. A single session, even as short as 20 minutes, can raise spirits for up to 12 hours.

7 PM - "Pump iron at dinner." For best absorption, take your vitamin supplement with food and make sure it has at least 18 milligrams of iron if you are premenopausal. It has been proven that sufficient iron intake improves mood.

10 PM - Track the good stuff. I really loved this idea! Every night, write down three things that went well for you that day. Describe the role you played in making them happen. You'll be increasingly mindful of how much control you have over the bright spots in your life.

I'm really struggling with a lot of pain lately and I'm trying to find holistic and natural ways of healing. I've been doing yoga on my own and received a prescription from the doctor to take yoga class so I can add the cost of the classes into my medical bills to go toward taxes at the end of the year. I also see a chiropractor friend of mine once a week and should begin decompression therapy soon.

I also researched a diet that aids in relief of pain and have begun following those nutritional guidelines. Along with all of these, I am trying to become more mindful in general. Mindfulness meditation can help ease pain, manage stress, gain control over addictions and things like emotional eating, boost your immunity, strengthen relationships, improve memory, and the list goes on and on. I hope that this inspires someone else!
In Good Health, Natalie "FNT."

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