Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pregnancy Update

2/10/10 - Well, my pregnancy ended and I left the hospital at around 150 lbs. My baby is named Dawson and he weighed 5 lbs, 8 oz. When Dawson hit 3 weeks, I weighed 142, which must have been from the breastfeeding because I have been eating like a horse! I am not eating badly, but definitely have been eating more carbs in general. I bake my own bread now and I have been eating that. I have also been consuming more fruits like prunes and apricots. These have a lot of beneficial potassium and fiber, but also a lot of natural sugar and carbs.

So, here we are again; but I must say I am very proud of how I handled my pregnancy. It took a lot of willpower, especially with those cravings you have when you are pregnant! Using the doctor's scale, I went from 136 to 156, gaining a total of 20 pounds. I also exercised throughout my entire pregnancy and even exercised every day towards the end. I was at the gym the very same day I went into labor with Dawson.

I will write more later as I have been interrupted by the baby.

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