Friday, April 30, 2010

Boot Camp - The last 5 pounds...

So, I have started attending a boot camp here in Pittsburgh. I always wanted to have my own, so now I can see how someone else would approach it, which is interesting. I have been staying right around 137 pounds, which if you remember is about five pounds more than what I weighed after the six-day detox before my fitness training video shoot for Living Innovations ( So here I am; the last five pounds... Did you ever notice how the last five are the WORST?!

Anyway, I attended once on Tuesday (4/27) and immediately got sick. I think it was a combo of running around at 5:30 AM in 37 degree weather in the woods after 24 hours of rain in the Spring. It must have been allergies, but it manifested into a sinus infection, a trip to the doctor, a Z-pack, Sudafed, and my albuterol (asthma inhaler). I took the last couple of mornings off to recover my breathing and I'm returning tonight. It may be too soon, but I will have Saturday and Sunday to recover, so I'm taking the risk. I have super-low blood pressure so I am not worried about returning while on the Sudafed and neither is the other trainer. You should always seek your dr's advice before exercising on medicine (especially cold medicine!!!!).

We'll see how I like the evening class. Normally, I like to do the mornings because both Dave and Dawson are asleep while I'm gone so I'm not missing out on any time with them. Since it's Friday night, though, I have the whole weekend to spend time with them so I'm not worried. This class is crazy! I had to keep reminding myself that I was doing this to better myself and not to quit. "It's only an hour, it's only an hour...." An hour is a pretty long time when you are in hell! We are based in a church parking lot near North Park. We went inside the church only once to run stairs for about a million years.

Outside was jogging around this loop multiple times, sprints, walking lunges, and other torture for medium distances. At the mat we did burpees, squats, hop lunges, push-ups, crunches, planks, plank push-ups, and too many other numerous activities for me to remember to list. They were mostly performed in giant sets (1-2-3, repeat 1-2-3, etc.).

I just want to see if I can get into the 120's by the end of this boot camp. I think that if I kick my nutrition into a higher gear along with this boot camp and continuing my walking and training with clients I already do, I should be able to achieve this naturally. I just hope this sinus problem does not impede my goals. I look good already after the baby in clothes; in fact, one of my problem areas has always been my neck/around my face and I think it changed for the better after the baby - which is SWEET cause I hated feeling like I had a double chin! Anyway, I look good in clothes. In a bikini I look soft and untoned. I want to look good out of clothes! I want to see a change in my arms, tummy and thighs. Let's see what this new challenge can do for me. Well, Dave just got home so I am going to make sure he eats dinner and I am properly drugged for this class, haha.

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