Friday, January 4, 2013

Meal Prep Tips & Healthy Habits to Remember

Hello & Happy New Year, everyone! 
I have GREAT news! I am feeling much better finally & coming back!
What a long trip this has been but it has really taught me to be thankful for my health. 

To start the new year, I shared some pictures of food that fits in any healthy meal plan in the post

Here are some tips to remember with your food prep.


Here is a picture of a typical chicken breast:

This is also what people think of as an appropriate serving or portion of chicken breast;

Here is a picture of an ACTUAL serving or portion of chicken:
An appropriate portion of meat is the same size as your palm & as thick as a deck of cards.
No pesky weighing is necessary!

Here is the same portion with a serving suggestion:

Make several portions & season with different salt-free seasonings. 
Here I used different McCormick & Mrs. Dash seasonings to cook several portions in one dish at once:

Buy vegetables in bulk, wash, & store for easy access for snacking &/or meal prep:

 Fresh fruit is always a beautiful (& edible) centerpiece!
It's also a good way to get kids to watch your healthy habits & help themselves to do the same.

- Baking Bread -
Baking bread is SO easy! 

Here I had done it by hand:

Check back soon for simple recipes, techniques, & equipment in an upcoming post.
You still make everything from scratch, but the machine does the 
kneading, rising, & baking for you all in one place. 
It allows me to bake my own bread EVERY OTHER DAY without spending all day doing it.
Here is a machine baked loaf:

Making your own pasta is also SO easy! 
Check back soon for simple recipes, techniques, & equipment in an upcoming post.

Here is my first attempt at fettuccine!
On the drying rack, looking delicious!

I immediately made my first dish with leftover Christmas turkey:

Turkey Fettuccine Primavera

Always, ALWAYS make too much!
That way you have extras lying around for busy nights.

I hope this helps makes your healthy living easier!

In good health & with much love & consideration,
~ Natalie "FNT!" ~